Our Story

The Owner

Jeff Furneaux has been an entrepreneur at heart his entire life.

Growing up in St. John’s, Newfoundland in a family of business owners, he saw first hand the hard work, and extreme dedication involved in creating something from scratch. An annual trip to Nova Scotia to visit a family friend in the sign business first exposed Furneaux to the possibilities that signs offered both for creative expression and business development.

So at the age of 19, he moved to Benicia, California to study and become certified in the art of neon fabrication. Making Victoria, BC home after that, Furneaux worked twelve years for a local sign shop, gleaning the hands-on business experience and technical training he would need to venture out on his own.

The Team

Enter Urban Sign in 2008.

This company is the product of Furneaux’s hard work, creative thinking, and progressive approach to serving clients, coupled with a team of driven, hard-working superstars.

It started out small—a one-man-with-a-bucket-truck-operation. And with the vision and expertise of his team, it grew quickly into the successful operation it is today.

Urban Sign’s ten highly-trained professionals do exceptional work in everything from office management and business development, to design, fabrication, installation and service work. They work with both the local small-business sector and large national corporations with locations nationwide. Furneaux couldn’t be happier.

The Approach

This company prides itself on two things: building strong relationships and offering our expertise where needed.

And it’s no mistake that we mention the relationship piece first. Our open communication with clients—active listening, ensuring satisfaction—is always at the forefront of our thinking. If our clients are happy, it means our expertise was put to good use. But it also means we listened effectively to their vision, and we got it right.

The company sculpts its pricing to fit their clients’ needs and not the other way around. We try and take the awkwardness out of the financial discussion explaining there is always a creative solution to budgeting issues as long as both parties are open to having that conversation, working through options that will best work for them. We want you happy not just with the price but with the end result.